What’s good about Al Fresco’s is that you can order platters of food to be shared with the whole family. For starters, there’s a Meat Platter and Starter Platter. If you’re craving for good barbecue, there’s the Pygmy Platter, Meat Lovers Combo, and the Jumbo Ribs. Or you can go for a Family Steak.

But families do not agree all the time on what to eat. So instead of wasting time arguing what to order, in our family, each family member gets to choose his own adventure.

Our littlest one is 5 years old and he’s at the stage of exploring what agrees with his palate. For now, among           Al Fresco’s Kid’ s Menu, he chooses the Chicken Nuggets with salad and fries on the side. It’s hard feeding a kid when you want to eat your meal too but for my son, the nuggets are his favorite. He even personally orders his own orange juice. He claims that the orange juice in Al Fresco’s is the best he has ever had.

My 8 year old son, on the other hand, feels he’s too old for the Kid’ s Menu and goes straight to the burgers section of the menu. His favorite? The meaty Cheese Burger with fries, salad, and onion rings on the side. I honestly don’t think he can finish this meal but time and again he has proven me wrong.

For us adults we share the oh-so-cheesy and creamy Lasagna, the Aussie Chefs Steak with pepper sauce and mashed potatoes, and the Prawn Cobb Salad. These are absolutely delicious and filling meals that should be shared with the whole family.

If you don’t know what to order yet at Al Fresco’s, trust me. These mouthwatering dishes are sure hits!

Above is sharing from Lyra, one of our loyal customers for years in Saigon. How about you? If you are keen on sharing your experience at Al Fresco’s, please don’t hesitate to send it to me: cindy@afg.vn. Thank you.

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